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5 Ways to Make More Money from Your Corrugated Box-Making Unit

Are you looking for ways to increase your profits as a corrugated box-making business? Here are five strategies you can use to make more money from your unit:

  1. Increase your production capacity: One way to increase your profits is to increase the number of boxes you are able to produce. This could involve investing in new machinery or equipment, or streamlining your production process to be more efficient.

  2. Expand your customer base: By targeting new customers and markets, you can increase the demand for your boxes and boost your profits. Consider identifying untapped markets or reaching out to potential new customers through marketing and sales efforts.

  3. Offer additional services: Consider offering additional services to your customers, such as custom design or printing on the boxes. These services can be a profitable way to differentiate your business from competitors and increase your revenues.

  4. Increase your prices: If you are able to deliver a high-quality product and excellent customer service, you may be able to justify increasing your prices. Carefully consider your costs and the value you are providing to your customers before making any price changes.

  5. Reduce your costs: Finally, you can increase your profits by reducing your costs. Look for ways to streamline your operations, negotiate better prices with suppliers, and find ways to reduce waste and inefficiencies.

By implementing these strategies, you can make more money from your corrugated box-making unit. Don't be afraid to try new approaches and be open to change – with a little creativity and effort, you can boost your profits and grow your business.


About PackSetu ERP:

PackSetu ERP is an easy-to-use software for corrugated box manufacturers of any size. #ai (artificial intelligence) enabled software to reduce business costs.

Key features include:

  • #dashboard: Provides a real-time view of the entire manufacturing process.

  • #costing: Quickly generate a quotation for a customer as per industry standards.

  • #inventory: Easy record keeping and reconciliation. Smartly allocates material relevant to order. It's simple to backtrack.

  • #planning: Suggests which paper to use, auto-allocate material, and send it to production.

  • #productionjobs: Digital Job cards for production operators. If they can use a smartphone, they can use this ERP.

Happy Packaging...


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