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Things to think about when selecting an ERP system for a corrugated packaging company.

Here are a few more points to consider when it comes to using an ERP system in the corrugated packaging industry:

  1. Integration: A key aspect of an ERP system is its ability to integrate various business processes and systems. This can be especially useful in the corrugated packaging industry, where companies may have multiple facilities, suppliers, and customers to manage.

  2. Customization: Many ERP systems can be customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of different industries, including the corrugated packaging industry. This can be useful for businesses that have unique processes or that operate in niche markets.

  3. Scalability: As businesses grow and evolve, their ERP systems should be able to scale up or down to meet changing needs. This can be particularly important for companies in the corrugated packaging industry, which may experience fluctuations in demand or changes in production capacity.

  4. Support: Choosing an ERP system that is supported by a reliable vendor with good customer service can be critical for businesses in the corrugated packaging industry. This can help ensure that companies have access to timely assistance when they need it.

Overall, an ERP system can be a valuable tool for businesses in the corrugated packaging industry, helping them to streamline operations, make better decisions, and drive growth.


About PackSetu ERP:

PackSetu ERP is an easy-to-use software for corrugated box manufacturers of any size. #ai (artificial intelligence) enabled software to reduce business costs.

Key features include:

  • #dashboard: Provides a real-time view of the entire manufacturing process.

  • #costing: Quickly generate a quotation for a customer as per industry standards.

  • #inventory: Easy record keeping and reconciliation. Smartly allocates material relevant to order. It's simple to backtrack.

  • #planning: Suggests which paper to use, auto-allocate material, and send it to production.

  • #productionjobs: Digital Job cards for production operators. If they can use a smartphone, they can use this ERP.

Happy Packaging...


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